Snapshots From London

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Within the past few months, I've spent a total of just over 2 weeks in London. I've done a few touristy things like visit the Tower of London, walk along the South Bank of the Thames, stroll through Camden Market, and get geeky at at King's Cross. (Not to mention going to the Olympics this summer.)

But the majority of my time in this great city has been spent doing rather “normal” things — expanding my palate in Soho, strolling through Hyde Park, attending a conference, drinking lots of Monmouth coffee, and simply spending time with friends. It's because of these more “normal” glimpses into life in London that I have fallen in love with the city.

Gorgeous Hyde Park

And it also explains why I don't have more photos from my time there.

Yes, I took a walk with a friend through Hampstead and Camden. And yes, I went to check out places like St. Paul's Cathedral and Westminster Abbey. But for some reason my camera wasn't pulled out in London nearly as often as it usually is when I travel. I chalk this up to good company, being relaxed, and perhaps even the subconscious knowledge that I will be back. If I have it my way, London and I will be spending a lot more time together in the near future.

But that's not to say that I haven't taken ANY photos in London. I just haven't taken enough of any one part to really warrant a post. But, since it seems to be a trend for me to go to London and take very few relevant photos, I've decided to just put some of my favorites thus far into one post for you. Here, then, are some snapshots from London:

The Touristy Bits

Big Ben, The Eye, the Houses of Parliament, the guards wearing funny outfits… These are all of the patently “London” things I've captured.

Big Ben

The Eye and a double-decker bus

Guard in funny hat

Tower of London Beefeater

Houses of Parliament


Along the Thames

I don't care how manic and crowded it can be – I love a good walk along the Thames. The bridges, the boats, the buildings… I love them all. Plus, if you go on a sunny weekend, you'll also encounter tons of buskers, markets, and people of all sorts. This can sort of fit into the “touristy bits” section, though I decided it warranted its own.

Crossing the Thames

Walking along the South Bank

Busker on the beach

Tower Bridge

Millennium Bridge and St. Paul's Cathedral

The Golden Jubilee Bridge

The Shard by night


The Not-so-Touristy-Bits

Then there are the parts of London I've visited that are slightly less touristy — and therefore perhaps more interesting. (This is unfortunately the section I have the least amount of photos to show for visiting…)

Did you know London has canals? ‘Cause it does.

Indian food at Masala Zone (Soho)

Open space near King's Cross

Korean food at Soju (Soho)

Around Imperial College


The In-Between Bits

And then there are the places that on the one hand aren't super-touristy, but on the other hand aren't completely off-the-beaten track.

Museum-filled Exhibition Road

You can find this guy all over.

Exhibition Road

The Albert Memorial

The Admiralty Arch at Trafalgar Square


I obviously still have a lot to see (and to photograph) in London. But, as I said above, I know I'll be back. For now, these snapshots will have to be enough!


Which London shot is your favorite?


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