Stuff You Should Know About: December 2015

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Welcome to “Stuff You Should Know About” – a monthly collection of travel news, tips, photos, and other odds and ends that don’t really fit in anywhere else but that I still really want to share with you.

Random travel news

Flights to Antarctica?

Last month,  on the blue ice runway at Union Glacier in Antarctica. It's the first time a commercial jetliner landed on the glacier runway, and could definitely pave the way for commercial flights to the 7th continent soon. Would you go?

New passport rules for Americans in 2016

Beginning on January 1, Americans will no longer have the option of to their passports if they run out of room before the passports expire. This is definitely a bummer for frequent travelers who often fill up passports before they expire, but you can still opt to get the beefy 52-page passport when you renew. Which I suppose is something.

Cool travel app/website of the month

Usually in this section I tell you about a new travel app or site to help you plan/organize your travels, or to make things easier when you’re on the road. But this month I'm once again going to plug a project of mine – my Travel Blog Success course just launched last month!

The course is called and is geared towards travel bloggers interested in learning about landing sponsored travel, press trips, and other forms of partnerships.

I'm really excited about how the launch went, and urge you to if you haven't already (maybe a last-minute Christmas gift for the travel blogger in your life?).

Top Instagram shots from November/December

I’ve made Instagram a big focus of mine in 2015 – if you aren’t following already, !

Here are some of my most-liked photos from the last month or so (and yes, most of them were from my trip to Iceland!):

A photo posted by Akatuki (@dangerousbiz) on

A photo posted by Akatuki (@dangerousbiz) on

A photo posted by Akatuki (@dangerousbiz) on

A photo posted by Akatuki (@dangerousbiz) on

A photo posted by Akatuki (@dangerousbiz) on

Don’t forget to !

Featured bloggers of the month

Check out this month’s Featured Blogs:

chronicles Silvia's travels through over 70 countries, usually focusing on less popular travel destinations like the Caucasus, Iran and the “Stans” of Central Asia. She's recently chosen to make Trondheim her home, so now you'll also find stories about expat life in Norway thrown into the mix!
is all about travel, food, luxury, fashion, fitness and lifestyle. Samantha travels the world while still holding down a full-time job at home, and writes about how to travel for the part time or casual traveler and how to travel in luxury without breaking the bank (or taking out a loan!).
My name is Angie Silver and my blog  is a lifestyle, food and luxury travel blog following my adventures in my hometown of London and around the world. I aim to give the low-down on London’s hottest new restaurants as well as cool and inspiring destinations globally.
Ryan is a self-proclaimed corporate escape artist with a severe disdain for the mundane, a hammock addict, an adrenaline junky, and a dreamer. On , he shares his adventures through personal memoirs, eye-gasm inducing photos, and gnarly travel videos. His aim is to inspire you to get lost in the world not to find yourself, but to create yourself, and to see the world through naked eyes and an open mind. “Not all who are lost need to be found.”

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You should pack this

Each month, I’ll feature one or two of my packing must-haves. This month, Im recommending:

This might seem like such a small, trivial item. But let me tell you that this is one of my favorite travel gadgets! (It's also one of the top items purchased through my affiliate links, which tells you that other people agree!)

So what makes this power strip so great? Well, first of all, it has three (US) outlets AND two USB outlets, meaning you can conceivably charge all of your electronics with just one wall outlet. The plug prongs also swivel to fit just about any space, and it's a surge protector, too.

I literally never travel anywhere without this, and Elliot and I also make use of it at home!


What I’m reading right now

Lastly, I love to read and have tried to read MORE in 2015. Here’s what I’m currently reading:

Okay, okay. So *sometimes* I'm a real sucker for a good love story with a tiny bit of magic thrown in. I watched the Stars version of Outlander earlier this year and immediately fell in love with the story. The story is about an English woman named Claire who falls through a set of standing stones in Scotland in 1948 and is transported back to the 1700s in Scotland. Here she's forced to marry a Highlander outlaw named Jamie and ends up falling for him. Their adventures take place in the time just before the 1745 Jacobite Rising in Scotland, which the history nerd in me also loves.

That’s it for this month’s edition of “Stuff You Should Know About!” Which section was your favorite this month?


*Note: There are some affiliate links in this post. If you buy through one of the links, you won’t be charged any extra, but I’ll earn a little bit to put towards running this site!

"It's a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and, if you don't keep your feet, there's no telling where you might get swept off to." - JRR Tolkien

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