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Canada doesn’t ever get the travel love it deserves. It’s a beautiful, vast, and very safe country with lots to offer, from amazing landscapes to cool cities – not to mention all the awesome wildlife!



Canda quick facts

Population: 36.3 million

Language: English and French

Currency: Canadian Dollar (CAD)

Capital city: Ottawa, Ontario

Country size: 3.85 million square miles

High season: Summer, especially in national parks and large cities

How to get around Canada

Canada is another great road-tripping country, with good roads and a safe driving culture. But there’s a LOT of Canada, and not a lot of people – meaning you should be prepared for long drives with potentially few places to stop.

You can also fly within Canada, though a lack of competition in the airline industry means that it’s not cheap. If you don’t want to drive and want to avoid flying, I would recommend taking the train. The ViaRail system in Canada is quite good, and there’s some fantastic scenery to see from the rails.

Where to stay in Canada

Hotels are pretty standard in Canada, though you’ll also find hostels and B&Bs.

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