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Less than an hour from downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, lies a tiny fishing village called Peggys Cove.

With a permanent population of well below 100, this little village on the edge of St. Margaret's Bay plays host to thousands of foreign tourists during the warm summer months.

Why, you might ask?

Well, these photos should explain it all.

Peggys Cove is perhaps one of the cutest places I've ever been. Yes, it may even rival Akaroa (a town I fell in love with in New Zealand) when it comes to effortless charm. It's so cute and quaint, in fact, that it has led me to use all sorts of forbidden travel superlatives in this paragraph…

I visited Peggys Cove on a shore excursion from Halifax, which is how a lot of people visit this pretty place. It's less than an hour away from the Nova Scotia capital, making it an easy morning or afternoon trip.

Chiseled artwork made by a former resident.

Peggys Point Lighthouse

The main reason people flock to this village is to see and photograph the Peggys Point Lighthouse — one of the most-photographed lighthouses in Canada. It sits atop rocks molded and moved by ancient glaciers, which can be dangerous if you're not careful.

The village of Peggys Cove is said to have been named for the lone survivor of a ship wreck long ago off the coast — a woman or young girl (no one can quite agree on which) who was nicknamed Peggy by the locals who saved her from the sea.

For a place so small, Peggys Cove sure left a big impression on me.ย I think I might be in love.


Peggys Cove is located just over 25 miles from downtown Halifax.

There's not a whole lot to do here other than wander around the tiny town and see the lighthouse, but as you can see in this post, it's an extremely pretty town to visit!

If you'd like to book a tour from Halifax, here are two to consider:

What do you think of Peggys Cove? Would you like to visit?


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