My Favorite Travel Gear Right Now: 2015

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About once a week, I get asked a question about my travel gear. Whether it's the suitcase vs. backpack query, or someone asking what kind of camera I use, I'm used to fielding these questions with increasing frequency. (After all, everyone loves to peek inside a traveler's bag.)

Since I update my gear from time to time, I thought now would be the perfect time to share another version of a travel gear post. Here's everything I'm loving right this minute:

Travel Gear I Love Right Now


I SWEAR by packing cubes these days, and I never go anywhere without them. It doesn’t matter if I’m traveling with a backpack or suitcase, I always organize my bag with packing cubes. By using these, I never have to dig through piles of clothing in my bag in order to find a particular shirt or pair of jeans – I just grab the packing cube of shirts or bottoms, and boom: easy access and no disorganized mess!


For trips when a backpack isn’t necessary, I’ve started using a convertible 60L Osprey pack. It has sturdy wheels on the bottom, but also comes with removable backpack straps, should you need them. I LOVE this bag – it’s the best of both worlds! – and I've been traveling exclusively with my Osprey for the past year.

As someone who travels with a lot of tech (camera, lenses, GoPro, laptop, and more), I'm always on the lookout for the *best* carry-on bag/daypack for all my valuable gear. I currently have an STM Drifter bag, but I have my eye on the Camsafe Venture V25 from Pacsafe right now. It has a dedicated section for a camera and lenses, and then a separate section for everything else. It also has all the anti-theft features that Pacsafe is known for, which draws me to it even more. Having owned two Pacsafe bags in the past, I know the quality of this bag won't let me down. If it goes on sale today, I'm buying it!

Clothing / shoes:


Good for hiking or just walking around in a city, these lightweight Keens are my go-to if I don’t want to take sneakers but still want to have a shoe that will keep my toes protected. They make a version for men, too, so this suggestion isn't just for the ladies!



We’ve all experienced questionable sleeping situations on the road. A silk sleep sheet is the answer – it acts like a lightweight sleeping bag, meaning you don’t have to actually touch those sketchy sheets or mattresses, and you can keep cool in any warm-weather camping situations. These also take up virtually NO space in your bag, making it a no-brainer to pack. I'm currently in the very early stages of planning a trip to Africa next year, and this is already on my packing list!


Traveling with a quick-dry towel is a must for most travelers (me included). I never go on long trips without mine. Even if I’m staying in a hotel where towels are provided, I tend to tuck one of these into my bag, just in case.



With 3 regular (US) outlets and 2 USB outlets, I never travel with out this surge protector. (It also comes in super handy when I find myself in a hotel room or hostel with too few wall outlets – it unfortunately happens more often than I'd like it to!)


When you use your smartphone, video camera, and other electronics a lot, you run through a lot of battery. I’ve started traveling with a portable charger to make sure I don’t run out of juice in the middle of the day, and this one is fantastic. It's small and portable, but also very versatile with both USB ports and built-in connectors.

Another option: This super  would be a great bet, too, especially if you know you use A LOT of power.


When you're traveling to multiple countries/continents in the same trip, keeping all those outlet adapters organized can be a pain. Enter this awesome little adapter from Skross. It will work in all corners of the world, AND comes with built-in USB ports.


When I finally caved and bought a GoPro, I went for the Hero 4 Silver. Mostly because I didn’t need 4K video and I loved that it has a touchscreen on the back that lets you see what you’re filming/review shots afterwards. This little camera takes great video, and the widescreen angle ensures that you don’t miss anything in your shot.

Even though people don't always believe me, I don't travel with a fancy DSLR camera. Currently, I have an older-model Olympus PEN series camera that has served me well for a couple of years now. I love the photo quality of this compact camera so much that I'm planning to upgrade to an Olympus mirrorless in the OM-D line later this year (slightly more fancy than what I have now, but still small and mighty). I currently have my eye on either the , or the  – and if either one goes on sale today, I'm going to be snapping one up!


This of course isn't an exhaustive list of everything I travel with (you can find that here), but these are the things that I'm loving right this minute.

What are some of YOUR favorite travel items that you never leave home without?



*Note: This post contains affiliate links. Meaning that if you buy something through these links, I'll earn a small commission, which I use to help keep this site running! (But don't worry, you won't be charged any extra!)

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