My Favorite Travel Gear in 2017

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It seems to have become a summer tradition for me to write a post about my favorite travel gear. Some things on my packing list haven't changed in years; others I update and upgrade as I try new products and fall in love with new pieces of gear.

One thing that is always the same, though, is the fact that I personally use and recommend everything that I feature in these posts!

Here's a look at everything I'm packing this year.


Packing cubes

If all my other packing lists haven't been a dead giveaway, I'm a huge fan of . Like, HUGE. I take them on every single trip with me, using them to organize whatever bag I'm taking, be it a carry-on-sized backpack or a larger suitcase. I usually use about 3 cubes: one for tops, one for bottoms, and one for miscellaneous things like sweaters or dresses. This makes picking out an outfit SO much easier, since you don't have to dig through every article of clothing in your bag.

(And yes, I roll all my clothes inside my packing cubes to help organize things and reduce wrinkles!)

Dry bag

You’d be surprised how handy can be on your travels. I’ve used mine for kayaking trips, rainy hikes, and even a boat trip where we had to swim to a beach (I was the only one able to bring a real camera with me!). I never go on a trip without my dry bag – because when you spend thousands of dollars on camera equipment, you want to make sure you can keep it dry! They take up virtually no room, so I always make sure to tuck one into my suitcase.

Pacsafe convertible bag

I recently got the new , and I'm in love with it. It goes from a handy little daypack to an over-the-shoulder purse in no time, making it extremely functional for traveling – two bags in one! It has many of the standard safety features I've come to expect from Pacsafe (durable material, slash-proof straps, and zippers that can be secured), AND is actually quite attractive, to boot.

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My favorite rain coat

I've been traveling to a lot of wet places lately, like Norway and the Pacific Northwest. Meaning that packing a good waterproof coat has been essential! I've tried a few different coats over the last few years, and have finally found my favorite: the , which is lined on the inside with mesh (which helps it breathe better) and comes in a wide range of bright colors (perfect for those Instagram shots!).

The best travel underwear

It might seem a bit weird to talk about underwear on a travel gear list, but hear me out. ExOfficio makes great underwear that are both breathable and quick-drying, making them perfect for traveling. I love these so much, in fact, that I wear them all the time at home, too. (And they make them , as well!)

Hidden pocket scarf

I never go anywhere without a scarf (seriously – one is ALWAYS in my bag, no matter where I'm going), and if you're a big fan of both form AND function, then Speakeasy's are for you. These infinity scarves not only come in soft fabrics and cute patterns, but also come complete with a hidden zippered pocket that's the perfect size for a passport, credit card(s), and some cash. These are perfect for travel days – just put everything important in your scarf, wear it like normal, and skip the part where you worry about your essentials getting stolen in-transit.

Merrell Eventyr boots

I have hiking boots that I really love, but last year I needed boots that would be good for hiking, but that could also double as “normal” shoes for a trip to Scotland, the Baltics, and Russia. I settled on these , which have turned out to be even better than I expected. They offer the support of a hiking boot, but look more like a normal street shoe. They're water-resistant, too! (They're currently with me on a trip to Norway, the Faroe Islands, and Ireland!)

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I'm not going to talk about cameras this year because I recently wrote a post about all my photography gear. But here are some of the other gadgets I like to travel with:

Belkin power strip

With 3 regular (US) outlets and 2 USB outlets, I never travel with out this . It doesn't take up a ton of room in my bag, but really comes in handy when I find myself in a room with too few wall outlets (it happens far too often!). This is also one of the most affordable items on this list, so there's really no reason not to have one!

Skross adapter

When you’re traveling to multiple countries/continents in the same trip, keeping all those outlet adapters organized can be a pain. Enter . It will work in all corners of the world, AND comes with built-in USB ports.

For safety

Pacsafe portable safe

You won't always be traveling in places where they leave doors unlocked, or where you don't have to worry about the safety of your valuables. And when you've traveled as much as me, you'll know that the average hotel safe isn't big enough to fit things like laptops and full-size cameras. This is where can come in handy. Pacsafe makes great ones that are slash-proof and able to be locked around a stationary object (like a bathroom sink). Worth it for the peace of mind!

TSA-approved locks

Lastly, I never go anywhere without one or two good cable locks. are TSA-approved, and will work on just about anything, whether it's a locker on an overland truck in Africa, your suitcase, or the Pacsafe safe I mentioned above!

What's one of YOUR favorite bits of travel gear right now?


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