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You Don't Have to Ditch the 9 to 5 in Order to Travel
The World is Not Safe – But You Should Explore it Anyway
Why I'm Not Afraid to Travel Alone
Life is Short. Travel Now.
26 Things Travel Has Taught Me
5 Ways Travel Has Made Me More Adventurous
Dear Americans: Please Use Your Vacation Days
When Their Dream is Not Your Dream
5 Things My 86-Year-Old Grandma Taught Me About Travel
10 Inspirational Tolkien Quotes About Travel and Life


8 Truths About Traveling as an Introvert
Why I Won't Get Mad if You Call Me Lucky
9 Reasons You Should Never Travel the World
Am I a Lame Traveler? (Or Why You Should Never Let Anyone Tell You Where You Should or Shouldn't Travel)
Should You Quit School to Travel the World?
Why Traveling as a Female Rocks (and Why it Sucks)
Why Sustainable Tourism Should Matter to You
The Traveler vs. Tourist Debate and Why I Don’t Give a Crap
5 Times When It's NOT OK to Take a Travel Selfie
Is Travel the Best Education?
Why Guided Tours are Not the Devil
The Pros and Cons of Travel
What is travel? Why do we do it?
“Dark” Travel as a Way to Pay Tribute
Musing on My Concept of Home and How Travel Has Shaped It

Personal Posts

Why I DIDN'T Quit My Job to Travel
My Travel Tattoos and Their Stories
Where it All Began: It’s Carmen Sandiego’s Fault

Solo Travel

Top 9 Questions About Solo Travel Answered
11 Tips to Help Make Your First Solo Trip Great
Why I'm Not Afraid to Travel Alone
Dear Dad: Please Don't Worry (a Treatise on Solo Female Travel)
3 Great Destinations for First-Time Solo Female Travelers
7 Great Places for Solo Female Travel in 2015
5 Reasons Solo Travel Sucks


Travel Checklist: 11 Things to Do Before Going on an International Trip
Travel in the Time of Zika: How to Avoid Mosquitos on the Road
How to Deal With Travel-Wary Parents
How to Survive a Long-Haul Flight
9 Money-Saving Tips For Travelers From Travelers
Converting to Carry-on-Only Travel (and Some Packing Tips)
How to Photograph the Northern Lights
7 Essential Tips for Flying Budget Airlines in the US
6 Easy Ways to Use Less Plastic on Your Travels

Gift Guides

Akatuki's Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers
Akatuki's 2013 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers
Akatuki's 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers
Akatuki's 2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers
Akatuki's 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers


7 Reasons You Should Go on That River Cruise
River Cruising: What's it Really Like?
Cruising Solo: What It's Like to Go on a Viking River Cruise Alone
Christmas Markets with Viking River Cruises
Meet Giannina – Life as a Cruise Ship Employee
Cruising to Alaska: Tips for Success
Why Cruises Make Great Family Vacations


5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going on a Digital Detox
9 Lies (and One Truth) People Tell You About Seeing the Northern Lights
Love Locks Around the World
9 Signs You Are NOT a Hiker

Travel Blogging

Because sometimes I do write posts for other bloggers.

How I Make Money as a Blogger
How to Start a Travel Blog in 10 Easy Steps
Turning a Blog into a Business: 7 Things I Did Right
How to Work With Tourism Boards
5 Lessons from 5 Years of Travel Blogging
How Blogging Has Changed the Way I Travel
My Life as a Travel Blogger
Is Anybody Out There? Hang in There, Travel Bloggers
Secrets to Running a Travel Blog When You Aren't Traveling
Why the Travel Blogging Community is Awesome

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