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Who am I?

I'm Akatuki, a blogger, adventure-seeker, and photography enthusiast from northeast Ohio. With degrees in journalism and tourism management and more than seven years of blogging and social media experience under my belt, I offer a unique skill set to brands and destinations interested in reaching an engaged audience of travel enthusiasts.

A Akatuki5 is an established brand that frequently makes lists of top travel blogs in the world. Content produced on my site and social media channels reach millions of people each month.

Akatuki in Cleveland

Who is my audience?

A Akatuki5 produces content to appeal to a Millennial and Gen X audience who live “normal” lifestyles (with careers and mortgages), but who want to see the world and maximize their vacation time.

My audience comes from the following regions:

My audience is roughly 70% female, and the age breakdown is as follows:

In a recent survey of ADB readers, 55% travel 2-4 times per year, and 88% take trips that range from 1-14 days on average. 60% of readers surveyed reported that they travel on an “average/moderate budget.”


Current site stats as of January 15, 2018:

Average monthly visitors: 145,000+
Average monthly page views: 220,000+
DA: 49
PA: 58
: 34,000+
: 20,500+
: 28,000+
: 7,500+ (with more than 1.5M monthly views)
Newsletter subscribers: 4,000+
Klout score: 72

Readers of A Akatuki5 are purchasers, too. Every month, A Akatuki5 helps drive more than $20,000 in sales to its affiliate partners. 

To learn more about my readers and website stats, .


A Akatuki5 has partnered with dozens of destinations and travel brands in the last 7 years. Content produced from these campaigns has reached millions of interested readers.

Notable campaigns (along with an example post from the partnership) have included:

Who I've worked with:


What I Can Offer During Partnerships

If we partner up, here are some of the things I can offer as part of my coverage:

  • Social media coverage during trip/experience (including mentions on Facebook and Twitter, Instagram photos, Snapchat stories, and use of a hashtag if appropriate)
  • An agreed-upon number of blog posts after the trip/experience, complete with photos
  • Photo and video content (at an extra cost)

Want to learn more? Please me to see examples or discuss possible partnership opportunities with A Akatuki5 at

Disclosure Notice

In accordance with ethical blogging practices, all reviews/promotion hosted on A Akatuki5 in exchange for a travel experience will be 100% truthful and include a sponsorship notation somewhere in the post. I will not talk badly about your competitors in any review, post, or discussion under any circumstance, and I do not guarantee positive coverage.

2018 Travel Plans

Tentatively, my upcoming travel plans include:

  • March 2018 – New Zealand for a campervan'ing honeymoon
  • May 2018 – Trips to Quebec City (for WITS) and New Orleans
  • June 2018 – Ireland road trip
  • September 2018 – East Greenland
  • October 2018 – Churchill, Manitoba to see polar bears

When I'm not traveling, you'll find me at home near Cleveland, Ohio.

If you represent a travel-related company in any of the areas listed above (or even any others!), please get in touch to discuss possible partnerships.


Hire Me

Looking for something more than a partnership? I can offer that, too.

Freelance Travel Writing

As a travel blogger with 7 years of online writing experience under my belt and a bachelor's degree in journalism, I am in the position to offer writing services to travel-related websites or publications.

Whether you are looking for original content about somewhere I have traveled to, or you need a research-based piece written about a specific destination, I can provide you with unique copy — often with photos included.

Thanks to my journalism background, you can be assured that said copy will be unique, well-written, and delivered by any deadline you set.

**To discuss rates for the above-mentioned services, please me at



Advertisers on A Akatuki5 can reach a wide audience of travel-minded readers, who are interested in engaging stories and useful information about travel as a whole. That audience is expanding daily.

Advertising Options

A Akatuki5 is willing to discuss a variety of advertising options on this site. A few examples of available advertising options are:

  • Reviews – of products, services, attractions, tours, hotels, books, and more.
  • Branded content – for example, posts or links within a post.
  • Social media amplification – on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Rates are competitive, but negotiable. Please A Akatuki5 for more information, or to discuss rates.

Note: I do NOT accept sponsored posts written by third parties. Please do not send me pitches for posts.


The Fine Print

Any sponsored content published on this blog will include a disclaimer and/or disclosure notice, identifying it as such, in line with FTC guidelines.


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